Arcanum Alloys’ patented technology utilizes the most common metallurgical elements to create alloys whose properties at the surface and bulk are spatially segregated. Since the introduction of Bessemer’s process 160 years ago, the steel industry has seen only evolutionary innovation, driven largely by volume and margin optimization,but rarely functionality.

Spatial segregation of surface and bulk material properties allows the capture of revolutionary functionality and value. The company’s first product, Optiform TM uses spatial segregation to combine excellent corrosion resistance with formability formerly reserved only for deep draw steels.

By utilizing existing steel manufacturing methods, the company,founded in 2011, has scaled from square inch panels in its lab up to production of 20-ton coils for some of the worlds most well known manufacturing companies. Arcanum’s development pipeline will disrupt hundreds of billions of dollars in market value,so get in touch or stay tuned to see our materials in your industry.